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NeoTec4 is supported by numerous research trials that have all been subjected to review and approval by experts in calf nutrition and management.

The research trials are published in peer-reviewed (expert-reviewed) journals.

Effects of changing the fat and fatty acid composition of milk replacers fed to neonatal calves
– Prof. Anim. Sci. 23:135-143 (2007)


Amino acid fatty acid and fat sources for calf milk replacers
– Prof. Anim. Sci. 23:401-408 (2007)


Effects of changing the fatty acid composition of calf starters
– Prof. Anim. Sci. 23:665-671 (2007)


Effects of changing the essential and functional fatty acid intake of dairy calves
– J. Dairy Sci. 92:670-676 (2009)


Selenium yeast for dairy calf feeds
– Animal Feed Science and Technology 153:228-235 (2009)


Effect of yeast culture, fatty acids, whey, and a peptide source on dairy calf performance
– Prof. Anim. Sci. 25:794-800 (2009)


Effect of various fatty acids on dairy calf performance
– Prof. Anim. Sci. 27:167-175 (2011)


Fatty acid intake alters growth and immunity of milk-fed calves
– J. Dairy Sci. 94:3936-3948 (2011)



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